Friday, 8 December 2017

Helmet Online Shopping: What You Should Know When Buying Helmets Online?

If you are going to buy your first helmet online, then there are many things you should keep in mind to keep you safe & alive in the worst time of your life. Now I am here to sharing some tips to help you to buy your first Helmet for the motorcycle.

Actually, these tips are common sense, but as a habit, we always neglected the common things in our life and the same story is with Helmet Online Purchase. For our bike we always try to buy best & accurate things like best tyres & best engine oil, the same thing should be applied to the motorcycle helmet. 

The first thing you should think about while you buying the motorcycle helmet is your skull which is one of the most fragile parts of your body. I just want to say, don't run behind the helmet price and compromise with quality to save few rupees, because your life is precious.  Anyway, read carefully the following points before helmet purchase. 

Get The Exact Shape And Size: Different people have different head size, so don’t just go for adjustment in the helmet. Know your head size vertically & horizontally before buying your helmet. A loose & a tight both helmets are not good for you because the loose one can slip out from your head easily and tight helmet can give you a headache and distractions on the road.
Keep It Clear: With a proper fit helmet, a good vision on the road is most important. Make sure that your helmet gives you a proper vision of your left & right side. As well as, take care that your visor should be of good quality to make you see clear through.

Make Sure Safety Standard: All the helmets sold In India, no matter in a swanky store or a roadside vendor must lawfully be approved under the ISI mark standards. At the time of Helmet online shopping make sure it has an ISI mark to ensure safety standards. These days many helmets are coming with Fake ISI mark, so this is advisable to always buy your helmet from a reputed brand like Aaron Helmet a trustworthy name in the helmet manufacturing industry.

Don’t go behind the price: Possibly for a good quality helmet you have to spend some more rupees, but with good quality helmet guarantee of your safety comes free. So shift your priority on helmet quality, not on the Bike Helmet price

Now you understand what you should keep in mind when you buying your helmet. You can share this blog with your friends & relatives to make them aware and be a good citizen. 

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