Friday, 29 November 2019

Check Out Different Types of Bike Side Box Online

Every vehicle in India is equipped with the facility of space where judicial papers or other necessities can be kept except bikes that are deprived of this facility. Though bikes seems to be swanky and cool, it does not give a privilege to the driver of an extra space to keep his belongings, so as we all know that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, bike side box do the needful and make bike compatible for all. Bike side boxes can be attached at the side of bikes and legal documents can be easily kept in them. There are various types of side boxes available, all varying in size, look, features and many such aspects. Let’s check out different types of bike side boxes that you can buy online:

·       Vault box- This hard shell side box is the most durable of all. When talking about safety, no one can beat its security features because it has a tamper proof locking system that assures safety of your essential documents like RC (registration certificate), license and other legal papers related to bike. Also, buy the best bike helmet to keep yourself safe in case of accidents.

·       Hard box- To give your bike a sporty look besides keeping your documents secured, do consider the stylish boxes that have a remarkable capacity and have a hard exterior that keep your belongings safe. They are also waterproof with a great locking system that ensures complete safety. Such boxes are mostly found on bike nowadays as they are light weighted and also long lasting because the chances of wear and tear is minimum in such bike side box.

·       Steel side box- When planning to buy a unique and not so common side box, go for the exemplary steel side box. Unlike other boxes, this box is made of bright shining steel inside-out that makes the bike stand-out among the crowd. Steel as known, is a long lasting material and highly durable they would keep your essential safe in any condition. Such boxes fit perfectly in most bikes and are waterproof with lightweight that make them easy to carry.

It’s time to add that extra sporty look to your simple bike by adopting a stylish and durable side box and the best bikehelmet to keep your documents and your head safe respectively. Choose the one that fit in your bike easily and keep your documents safe.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Simple Guidance for You When You Buy Helmets Online

Helmets are a very important accessory for every two wheeler driver because safety is the utmost priority and the only thing that can protect the driver from serious injuries in case of accident is, motorcycle helmets. With strict government rules, it has become mandatory for every two wheeler driver to wear a helmet whenever driving a motorcycle or scooter failing which they would have to face the music. Buying helmets is not an easy task as it seems to be, because a buyer has to consider a number of factors so as to make an ideal purchase. One such factor is, buying helmets online. Here are few tips that would guide you in buying the best helmet online:

·      Standard quality- when buying helmets whether online or from a local shop, make sure that you buy the one having ISI mark on it. ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute, this a standard prescribed by Indian government considering the safety of citizens. Helmets possessing this mark means that the product is manufactured keeping in mind the safety standards and the quality is at its best. When you buy helmet online, look for ISI mark details in the description box of the product.

·       Size- When planning to buy helmet online, make sure you know the correct size of your head as per the helmet sizes available. Every person has a different head shape and sizes, as we all know that sizes play a crucial role in helmet selection, therefore, knowing the correct size is essential. One can take help of size chart available on the website and accordingly make the correct decision.

·       Reviews and ratings- The best part of online shopping is that you get to know about the product from the people who have already used it. When browsing motorcycle helmets online, just go through the reviews/feedback shared by the customer so that you get the real picture about the product. Ratings done by the customers also help you make the right decision. So, buy the helmets that have maximum positive reviews and high ratings.

Hence, the above-mentioned tips can be proved very useful when applied correctly because online purchases is very different from window shopping. So, when you buy helmets online, do consider every possible factor so as to snap an ideal deal and make get the best product delivered at your doorstep in few simple steps.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Buy the Best Quality Helmet for Bike

Bike riding is fun especially when you are with your friends, but what when you have not taken precautions and you hit another vehicle or barrier or simply slip? There is a great possibility that you hurt yourself to the extent that you fight with life. Headgears play a great role in safeguarding you from any mishappenings. Though they appear as non-serious equipment but are actually the life savior. Our authorities have become strict and fining people for not wearing a helmet, but before that person used to take it granted. The helmet for the bike was only wearing when they were riding long distances, unaware of the fact whether be it long distance or short, the head guard is the only thing that protects their skull, the most sensitive and important body part which controls other body functions. The most unfortunate part of the story is, many people in India buy a helmet from the roadside, which is too inferior in quality easy breakable. 

Your life is in your hands if you do not want to take any risk, do not go with helmet price, rather buy it from the brand, which sells the best quality equipment. Aaron Helmet stands out from the crowd as it has cemented its position with superior quality material and ultimate protection.

Certified units

No one has technical knowledge when it comes to helmets. Then how would you differ whether the headgear is appropriate or not? By looking at the hologram of trust that assures that the unit has passed all safety tests and is okay to be used. The material used in making it is high quality and can be used tension free. 

Comfort and other features 

Gone are the days when you had to burden your head with the heavy plastic and travel in the sunshine, which is stress next level, but now the helmets are available with the best of features. From flexibility to lightweight you can rest assured if buying from the reputed brand. Moreover, ventilation, exchanging of air which is very crucial so that the hot air collected vents out is being taken care of via air vents available in front and on top. Helmet for the bike is one of the most transformed things now.

However, if you buying it online, make sure to check helmet price on various sites so that it’s your best buy.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Ladies Helmet Online - Expectations Vs. Reality

Be it men or women, no one is exempted from the law when it comes taking precautions while driving any vehicle. Be it following traffic rules or wearing  headgear, all of it is important in order to assure that no mis happenings takes place and in case there is some, you are fully protected. Though men helmet is a common thing, but buying ladies helmet online can become a task sometimes as you cannot go for manly styles or colours, there needs to pretty shades, some quirky colours and compact design to look your fashionable best. If you are in a market to buy one for yourself, here are some quick suggestions to follow :

Check for features

When it comes to wearing something its features matter the most as from comfortability to maximum advantages everything matters. If you are wearing an additional accessory on your head, it must assure you full protection, light weightedness and easy breathing, but unfortunately not all head shields consist of all, hence you must gain knowledge first and then buy helmets online from a reputed brand like Be it full face helmet or open face and even modular helmet they all are made of ABS plastic which is flexible and super easy to wear so that you feel no burden on head. Moreover there are air vents in the front and on top which allows free flow of air so that it doesn’t get collected at the top thereby causing serious headache problem; The visor should be scratch proof and dust resistant so that the vision is clear no matter how long is the distance that you are covering.

Go with certification

Whether you are buying ladies helmet online or offline, do not trust words, always believe what you see and the first thing that you must look out for is hologram of trust that makes you confident that the equipment on which you are spending thousands is worth the buy and it will surely safeguard your head and protect you against any injury.

If you are still confused how to buy helmets online, then do nothing, just open Aaron’s website, pick your favourite headgear and buy with the click of button and get it delivered at your home. This ensures not only hassle-free buying but the quality is guaranteed too so that you can wear it carefree.